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Technical Consultation

Deep technical expertise to help implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, data engineering, cloud management … etc.

Software Engineering

Highly skilled engineers in loud-based environments and enterprise-scale level capable of delivering end-to-end solutions.

Integrated Solutions

Extensive experience across enterprise solutions to provide end-to-end solutions around telecom, banking, retail and much more.

Business Consultations

Specialized teams with intense industry focus to deliver low-risk, high-value, high-impact and measurably better results.

Professional IT Made Easy!

Our services are designed by professionals, delivered by professionals, only for professionals!

We know how hard and complex it becomes for even IT professionals to build and maintain the IT services they use in their businesses! We believe that finding a trust-worthy technical partner that gets your IT back saved is as important as your business itself, and our mission is to be that partner.

We like to keep clients and partners assured they are getting the best service, at the highest standards and levels, delivered and managed transparently, to keep them relaxed and focused on their business with full-control on their technical assets.

The Journey

Your journey to success with Roaa Tech



Requirement analysis


Requirement analysis
Surveying, analysis, & identifying

Many organizations have considerable opportunities based on the new technologies available in the market but do not recognize them. We will gather requirements and conduct detailed analysis on the current business functionalities to outline potential opportunities to enhance current products and services or to create new ones.





Solutioning, prototyping, & planning

By defining detailed prerequisites, data is transformed into features and operations. To avoid any crash or malfunction, our specialists will recommend the suitable solutions, methodology, process, and infrastructure needed on a cost and time basis, and technical feasibility of the system.





Developing, testing, & deployment

Transforming ideas into solutions is our strength. Our journey with clients will not end by developing solutions using latest techniques and best practices. We will ensure stability and efficiency with our experts in all fields starting from software engineering, solution architecture, networking, infrastructure, security, privacy, devops and cloud management.

Our Services

Meeting your expectations!

Professional Team

Professional IT Services

  • Enterprise IT Architecture & Services Planning & Optimization
  • Cloud Architecture & Migration
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Solution & Application Architecture Design
  • Software Engineering, Development, & Implementation
  • Systems, Backend, and Infrastructure Integration
  • Automation, DevOps, & CI/CD Implementation
  • Machine Learning, AI, & BI Based
  • Data-Science Services (BigData, Data Lakes, ML, ...)
  • Custom IT Research & Development
  • IT Cost Analysis & Optimization

Software Development

  • Modern Web Applications
  • Native Mobile & Desktop Applications
  • Cross-Platform Mobile & Desktop Applications
  • Hybrid Mobile & Desktop Applications
  • Modern Backend Services & Applications
  • Database & Data Design & Development
  • Mobile and Video Games
  • Embedded Systems & IoT
  • Cloud-Based Systems & Services
  • Software & System Testing & Quality Assurance
Busy Team

Human Resources & Teams Services

  • Time & Material Resource Leasing
  • Flexible Team Customization
  • Full & Hybrid Team Creation
  • Team Management & Ownership
  • Project Management & Ownership
  • Product Ownership & Management
  • IT Kitchen Creation and Allocation

Solutions & Systems

  • ERP & CRM Solutions
  • Medical / Restaurant / Hotel Management Systems
  • Attendance Control Systems
  • Time Management Systems
  • Accounting, Sales, & POS Solutions
  • E-Commerce, Shopping, & Online Payment Solutions
  • Security & Monitoring Systems
  • Chatbots Systems
  • Robot Process Automation (RPA) Systems
  • Document, Communication, & Collaboration Systems

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